Zynga stock options: give some of them back or get fired and lose them all

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They should strike and demand the board of directors, as their proxies, hold management accountable to honor the equity rights already in place. This is a despicable, underhanded maneuver.
Matthew Nelson on wsj.com

this is unacceptable behavior and I'd like to see more employees who take a risk on startups getting what they deserve and enforcing their rights.
mmaunder on news.ycombinator.com

Smart management

I'd argue that the "down sizing" of options though is something that should be done when the role is downsized, not months/years later when the CEO is having buyer's remorse. That's, I suspect, what feels slimy to people. Especially if the demotion is politically motivated, which happens a lot at the executive level.
melindybyerley on cnn.com

Maybe all those with vested shares should band together and vote to take away Pincus' shares. That would be just fabulous.
Albert Davis on wsj.com

Fundamentally, though, Pincus has done nothing unethical (based on the facts as presented in the article).
Jon Karlen on cnn.com

I wonder if the market will consider Zynga's IPO less valuable because of this executive decision and the bad publicity. That would hurt the employees a second time.

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