Project managers, SharePoint specialists in demand: survey

Third-quarter staffing study shows some skills in short supply

By David Watson, Computerworld New Zealand |  IT Management, project management, SharePoint

"Compared with the past 18 months, the market is a lot busier than it has been."

In Wellington, there is continued demand for project managers, business analysts and programme managers, says Robert Walters Wellington-based IT hiring manager Jonathan Hay.

"They're in peak demand, mainly in the contracting space," Hay says.

"But clients are being very specific about what they're looking for."

Three or four years ago, the request from clients was "I want a project manager", he says, but now it's "I want a project manager who has done a specific project."

Today, there may be three stages of interviews, whereas in the 2007-08 boom there would only have been one.

"There are higher requirements."

It's a "tough market" today, but not as tough as in 2009, he says.

"It's patchy, but for good candidates who deliver, there are opportunities."

The Robert Walters Wellington market update quarter three commentay notes: "Highly skilled business analysts with enterprise-level consulting experience, enterprise architects and solutions architects with Oracle were most likely to receive premium pay rates throughout the quarter."

Hay says the demand for Oracle skills is being driven by several "sizeable pieces of work" in the capital, including Housing New Zealand's Enterprise Transformation Programme, and ongoing transformation and integration work at the Inland Revenue Department.

(IRD uses Oracle extensively, despite the cancellation earlier this year of an upgrade of its student loan management system using Oracle and a switch back to the existing FIRST system)

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