Tech's highest-paid CEOs, biggest raises and smallest salaries

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Before the new year rolls in, we're recapping the tech industry's top earners, biggest CEO bonuses, fattest raises, priciest perks and smallest salary earners, calculated from our analysis of 36 tech companies' 2011 proxy statements.

Tech top earners

Oracle's Larry Ellison topped our tally with a $70.1 million pay package for his company's 2010 fiscal year. Four other tech CEOs took home compensation packages worth more than $20 million in 2010. They are: Apple's former interim and now current CEO Tim Cook ($59.1 million); outgoing IBM CEO Sam Palmisano ($31.7 million); AT&T chief Randall Stephenson ($27.3 million); and former HP CEO Mark Hurd ($23.9 million). [See also: "What do top CIOs make?"]

Biggest CEO bonuses

Few tech CEOs saw their cash bonuses shrink in 2010. Most got bigger -- and some by a lot. IBM's Palmisano earned a cash bonus of $9 million, which is nearly double the $4.8 million bonus he received in 2009. Oracle's Ellison ($6.5 million) and AT&T's Stephenson ($5.1 million) each got more than $5 million in cash. Other tech CEOs who got cash bonuses worth $2 million or more include: Cisco's John Chambers ($4.6 million), Sprint Nextel's Dan Hesse ($4.4 million), Verizon's Ivan Seidenberg ($3.9 million), Symantec's Enrique Salem ($3.1 million), EMC's Joe Tucci ($2.6 million), BMC's Robert Beauchamp ($2.2 million), Adobe's Shantanu Narayen ($2.2 million), NetApp's Tom Georgens ($2 million) and Juniper's Kevin Johnson ($2 million).

Fattest raises

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