What 'elite' firms care about on your resume

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Consulting firms in particular are looking for people that can "build relationships" with clients.
msellout on news.ycombinator.com

Elite firms have elite clients and the elite clientele insists on folks with degrees from elite schools. Exceptions are made for hot chicks.
pstroll on reddit.com

Worth noting is that these firms go after mediocre Ivy graduates. The 3.8 CS majors are overqualified (except for quant positions). It's not about intelligence. It's only somewhat about social status.
michaelochurch on news.ycombinator.com

Not accurate

I work for an actuarial consulting firm and our hiring processes are in fact opposite of those mentioned above. our hiring process is a highly structured and monitored affair that places an emphasis on job experience and "non ivy league" elite schools such as Umichigan.
honeyoak on econlib.org

If it isn't necessary to go to an Ivy to end up among the most successful entrepreneurs, it's probably also not necessary to become a moderately successful entrepreneur.
crackalack on reddit.com

How I evaluate

I got them all to provide a writing sample. Since we do a lot of writing, I ended up putting a massive amount of weight in my final decision on that.
John Hall on econlib.org

It is true that evaluators have a huge latitude. When I was interviewing and eliminating applicants to my department, my word was basically law on who was hired. However, I gave detailed reasons why I chose the people we hired.
sangjmoon on reddit.com

This leaves out the many comments about investment banking no longer being an "elite" job. Recent events seem to point out that investment bankers have no real clue about the economy.

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