10 hot IT jobs for managers and executives in 2012

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Venture-funded Internet companies, private-equity firms and the companies owned by them will be among the best places to find management- and executive-level jobs in IT, according to recruiters who serve those organizations. "Compared to enterprise technology and enterprise software companies, the opportunities at Internet-related companies continue to be bountiful," says Keith Giarman, global leader of DHR International's venture capital and private-equity practice. "There's tons of capital chasing those opportunities."

Other good places to look for IT management jobs is at software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, business process outsourcing firms, and the SaaS-related business units of enterprise software vendors, says Marc Lewis, CEO of Leadership Capital Group. "Demand for CIOs, CTOs, VPs and directors of IT at SaaS companies or business process outsourcing companies will be robust," he says, as enterprises outsource noncore IT functions.

Meanwhile, Lewis anticipates demand for CIOs, CTOs, VPs and directors of IT inside most major companies in 2012 will be flat to 2011.

Despite this "meh" hiring outlook, some IT management positions will be in greater demand than others. Here are 10 of the hottest IT leadership jobs.

10 Hot IT Leadership Jobs

1. Head of Technology Infrastructure. Whether this is a manager, director or VP-level role depends on the size of the company that is seeking it. The bottom line: IT organizations are hiring heads of IT infrastructure because many of the Baby Boomers who've held those roles are retiring and because so many of today's technology trends (cloud, virtualization, consumerization of IT and mobility) are infrastructure and hardware-related, says Heller. Adds Greg Ambrose, managing director of Catalyst Search Group: Companies are seeking IT leaders who have experience moving elements of the IT infrastructure to the cloud.

2. Director of Outsourced Services or Vendor Management. As companies "outsource" more functions to traditional IT services providers, SaaS companies and cloud services providers, they're increasingly looking for an individual who can manage all of these relationships: a director of outsourced services. Some companies will seek a director of vendor management who oversees all vendor partnerships, not just with IT services providers. IT vendor managers who have experience with cloud computing will again be in demand as cloud computing presents new licensing agreements, contracts, terms, security and service-level agreements that are different from traditional IT outsourcing, says Heller.

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