The biggest privacy scandal of 2011

Privacy was all over the news this year, and there are plenty of scandals to choose from. What was the most outrageous? Read on to find out.


The biggest clue that privacy issues have turned a corner and emerged from the “you have no privacy left – get over it” attitude that has prevailed through much of the last decade: All the spunky little startups like and TrueRep and Diaspora and Reppler that are trying to make a business out of it. I haven’t seen this much activity on the privacy-as-a-business front since a decade ago, back when Doubleclick tracking was the boogieman. I don’t think they’ll all succeed, but I’m happy somebody’s trying.

That may not be the biggest privacy story of 2011. But let’s hope it’s at least a contender for 2012.

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