Up-and-coming tech jobs -- and how to land one

By Mary K. Pratt, Computerworld |  IT Management

The data scientist position goes beyond the skills generally seen in a BI analyst. These new specialists will not only find and deliver the data; they will also be the ones using it for extensive forecasting. "You want someone who can take the raw data and apply it in order to predict [customer] behavior," Delattre says.

Delattre describes the ideal candidate as someone with an undergraduate degree in computer science and a master's in marketing with some operations management expertise. It's a specialized skill set, he admits, but anyone with those credentials could step into the new positions being created under titles like chief market scientist, chief data analyst and the more creative-sounding customer sleuth.

Augmented reality specialist

Companies building apps that are designed to enhance how people view the world around them need technologists who can deliver that experience. And demand for people with that expertise is only expected to grow, according to Burrus.

Companies are increasingly working to deliver programs that enable people to view a landscape, street or mall, for example, through the lens of their smartphone or tablet and get valuable information about the things they can see in front of them. A view of the landscape might, for example, display the heights of mountains and the number of vacancies at nearby lodges, while a scenes of a city street or a mall would show which restaurant has a lunch special or which store has the best price on a particular product.

Skills required

Required technical skills include programming experience in HTML5 and the iOS and Android platforms, as well as graphics expertise -- specifically 3D modeling skills that include texturing, shading and rendering.

Beyond that, Burrus says, augmented reality specialists also need a particular mindset to be successful. "It will require an open, flexible mind," he says, explaining that these workers need to be able to visualize how to combine technologies in new ways to produce new results.

More tech titles of the future

It's no surprise that new tech job titles tend to emerge during times of great change in the industry. "When you look at what's emerging today, usually the new jobs are tied to the new technologies," says Sandra A. Slaughter, a professor of information technology management at the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Management.

Slaughter and other industry watchers listed these as some of the jobs out on the high-tech horizon:

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