Software whiz Ray Ozzie re-emerges with startup Cocomo

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Ray Ozzie

Ray Ozzie opened PDC2008 with Microsoft’s vision for a comprehensive platform for a software + services world.


Lotus Notes creator and former Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is coming back with a startup named Cocomo that seems to be focused on mobile communication.

After waiting out his non-compete agreement with Microsoft that expired at the end of 2011, Ozzie opened a Twitter account (@rozzie) yesterday and emailed Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner, who wrote about the exchange.

FAREWELL, MICROSOFT: Ozzie's parting memo at Microsoft

Ozzie says the company is recruiting but it won't be ready to say what they're working on for months, according to Kirsner.

So far Cocomo is looking to hire a user experience/user interface designer to fit with the development team they already have in place. The job posting says "a handful of us are just starting work on a new communications product for this new world. ...We aspire to deliver compelling tools for social interaction that people will use, value and love."

The posting contains hints that the product will deal with mobile devices -- phones and tablets -- based on iOS and Android. Candidates should have interests in email, SMS, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. They should also be drawn to "[o]ur multi-faceted identities, and issues of privacy & openness," and the "social anthropology of our ever-growing use of mobile."

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