Morning countdown: A pair of billion-dollar deals

Plus: At the other end of the spectrum, big news for $35 tablets


  1. Detroit woos fired Yahoos [ITworld]
  2. Brian Proffitt: Legit makes Git simpler [ITworld]
  3. $35 Indian tablet will get Ice Cream Sandwich [ITworld]
  4. Sandra Henry-Stocker: Fun with shell $ arguments [ITworld]
  5. AOL to sell patents to Microsoft for more than $1B [ITworld]
  6. Flashback malware infects 2% of all Macs [ITworld]
  7. Kevin Fogarty: Outdated procedures mean that charities make thousands of SSNs public [ITworld]
  8. Facebook buys Instagram for $1B [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Purdy: Some tricks for getting your contacts out of your BlackBerry [ITworld]
  10. IT workers seeing their benefits cut [ITworld]
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