How to get more honest search results

Google's search results are now suspect due to Google+-related manipulations. Here's how to get purer results in your browser

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Setting your browser to get the search results you want

"Google it" has become a synonym for "do a Web search." But Google recently began manipulating its search results to both favor users' own content (a puzzling choice for a default) and, more perniciously, to favor content from active Google+ users. As a result, Google's search results push down the objective results, making them harder to get to and to separate from the results promoting Google+. Fortunately, Google is not the only search engine in town. This slideshow shows you how to minimize Google's new search pollution and how to switch to a search engine less likely to have manipulated results.


"Google, what happened?"

[Google patents technology to serve ads based on background noise and Google’s personalized search results are way too personal]

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