Faking IT: 5 executives who lied on their resumes

By Nikhil Pradhan, Computerworld India |  IT Management, Yahoo, Scott Thompson

Poor Scott Thompson. Just when his plan of revamping Yahoo was gaining steam, the falsified resume (or "Resume-Gate" as it shall forever be known) cut short his stint as CEO. In spite of the "lie" being of an inconsequential nature -- Thompson's resume claimed he had a degree in Computer Science when he didn't - Thompson will now have to add "ex-CEO, Yahoo" on his resume.

However, Thompson isn't the first executive from an IT company to be forced out due to false information on the resume. The ignominious list contains other CEOs, CFOs and even the IT Head of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Let's take a look at five such individuals who embellished their educational qualifications:

1. Ken Lonchar- CFO, Veritas Software

Ken Lonchar's five-year term as Veritas Software's CFO came to a halt in 2002 when it was discovered that the MBA degree he claimed to have received from Stanford was fictional. Lonchar had been on a high with CFO magazine hailing him in 2001 as "accessible" and praising his ability (ironically in retrospect) to "separate hype from reality."

A year later, Lonchar submitted his resignation saying, "I regret this misstatement of my educational background. Under the circumstances, I believe my resignation is in the best interests of both the company and myself."

2. Bruno Sorrentino- Head of IT & Director of Research, Telstra

In August of 1993, the Australian telecom company, Telstra were thrilled to have acquired the services of Dr. Bruno Sorrentino, someone with 30 years of experience and three professional degrees, including a PhD in Physics from the highly reputed Imperial College, London.

By October of the same year, Telstra realized that the Doctor wasn't, in fact, one. In the process of trying to find his thesis to read, Sorrentino's subordinates discovered that there was no thesis since their boss had never attended Imperial College.

Sorrentino immediately resigned for "personal reasons" but not before telling a reporter who was asking questions about his qualifications, "I've got to tell you what you are suggesting is really defamatory. My qualifications are impeccable and they stand, and I will be very happy for you or anybody else qualified to look at my qualifications."

3. Jeffrey Papows- CEO, Lotus Software

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