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Ready for your new job as an augmented reality specialist, a VP of virtualization or a customer sleuth? Here's what you need to know.

By Mary K. Pratt, Computerworld |  IT Management, IT jobs

Health informatics expert: As healthcare becomes an ever larger and ever more computerized industry, employers are seeking technologists who can optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval and application of health-related data. Ideally, health informatics experts will understand not only IT, but also the unique needs of the clinical care community. "In some ways, it's taking things we already know how to do and tailoring them, developing new systems for the healthcare system," Slaughter explains.

Machine-to-machine communications enabler: Machine-to-machine communications is already present in some industries, though the application of such technology is in its early stages, according to Burrus. As companies expand their use of such communications, they'll need more and more people to develop, deploy and manage the technology.

Outsourcing/offshoring manager: "Outsourcing and offshoring are getting more complicated," Slaughter says. "The work may be going on in four or five different places now, not just in one place, so you need someone who can manage all the projects."

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