5 questions on social business

We pose critical questions to the authors of Social Business By Design.

By Robert Strohmeyer , PC World |  IT Management, social media

At maturity, the Social Business Unit (aka Center of Excellence) coordinates efforts that are owned and operated by business units and functions. This cross-functional group facilitates adoption and use across the company by providing standards, surfacing best practices, coordinating expenditures, and developing common capabilities such as community management and social business intelligence. A social business unit also can coordinate results and lessons learned more coherently, efficiently, and in a timely way than receiving the status of several hundred individual projects. We have seen SBU's in operation across industries at companies including Coca-Cola, Target, and US Cellular.

5. When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, how can companies prepare themselves to deal with a social crisis?

Facing a social crisis isn't a question of if; it's a matter of when. Companies are best prepared to deal with crises when they can rapidly identify emerging issues, coordinate internally on response, and communicate externally in a direct and conversational tone. The language of everyday conversation is the language of social business. While most organizations have established crisis response plans in place within the corporate communications or public affairs team, today's challenge is being able to make sense of big data to identify emerging conversational hot spots. Having the right listening tools in place, such as the Dachis Group Social Performance Monitor helps companies identify issues early so they have more time to prepare an appropriate response.

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