Cloud, consumerization give power to users, steal influence from IT

Convenience, ease of use reduce front-line role for IT, but don't eliminate it


In between the old-fashioned, on-premise, data-center-tending IT crew will be a hybrid crew responsible for signing and managing SaaS, cloud and other service providers.

They will look like IT, but they'll be end users – purchasing managers and budget supervisors from business units taking over the process of getting end users the tools they need, now that just buying the tools isn't so complicated it takes a whole, specialized department just to get it done.

The acquisition and use of technology will be more convenient for end users, and will continue to present problems to IT, which will continue to be responsible for data security and accessibility, no matter where the data are.

The biggest difference will be that IT will become less and less of a factor in the daily lives of end users as the tech they use daily becomes more intuitive and the technology that keeps the conveniences working becomes more arcane.

IT won't go away; it will just go back belowstairs where it lived from the time the computer was invented until the dot-com era convinced everyone technology was the route to the future.

Technology is the route to the future; as the road improves, it will just take less and less expertise to drive over it.

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