17 JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation

Look beyond jQuery and you'll find a wealth of JavaScript libraries tuned for mobile devices, Canvas-based animation, HTML5 video, local databases, and more

By Peter Wayner, InfoWorld |  IT Management, Yahoo, HTML5

Beyond jQuery: 17 JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation

jQuery sure seems to be everywhere, and with good reason: Its creators took all of the neat ideas from libraries like Prototype, Dojo, and Yahoo's YUI, then turned them into something easier to use. When jQuery nurtured a fertile plug-in culture, the library became irreplaceable.

In the midst of all of this success, it's easy to forget that plenty of other JavaScript libraries are worth checking out. Some do much the same thing as jQuery, simplifying the basic chores of manipulating the DOM, while offering their own advantages. A number of other libraries offer newer features -- for animation, data visualization, or other niches -- or different ways of thinking about life in the browser. Here are 17-plus JavaScript libraries worth adding to your toolset.

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