10 Online Reputation Management Tips for Job Seekers

By James A. Martin, CIO |  IT Management, jobs, reputation

Search engines perceive such social media sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as authoritative, which means content on those sites has a strong chance of hitting the first page of search results for a relevant keyword. To be proactive, set up and maintain profiles on those sites and optimize them properly, says Patrick Ambron, CEO and founder of Brand Yourself, a personal online reputation management service.

While the thought of being on a bunch of social media sites may make you cringe, at least claim your profile and URL, such as facebook.com/yourname. This prevents others from getting that URL and potentially diluting your Google search results, Ambron says. Fill out your social media profiles as completely as possible and link them to each other, he adds. The more you do this, the more Google will see all these links as relevant to you.

6. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is particularly important for job seekers- yet too many people don't fully optimize their profiles, says Nick Parham, a San Francisco-based career counselor and LinkedIn marketing expert.

Don't use the first person when writing about yourself on LinkedIn (or, for that matter, Twitter), Parham advises. Using the third person sounds more professional. Also, by using your name in your profile, you reinforce to Google that this LinkedIn page is highly relevant to a search about you. Use your full name at least twice in your profile, especially at the beginning of your LinkedIn profile. You can also put your name in your LinkedIn profile headline. However, for later references in your profile, primarily use your last or first name only. Bottom line: Make sure your profile reads naturally.

Use keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile that describe what you currently do and/or the types of jobs you're going for, Parham recommends. For example, if you're a mobile application developer or going for a job in that field, put the keyword phrase "mobile app development" prominently in your LinkedIn headline, summary, skills and in previous job titles or experience. If possible, ask others to use your keywords in their recommendations of you.

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