Bing, bang, boom: My first three weeks at Microsoft


My career at Microsoft has just begun and what a ride it has been!

Only three weeks in and I have already been blown away! I never thought the onboarding process could be as rewarding as Microsoft has provided to me. From executive Q&A to philanthropic team building activities, I cannot imagine a more exciting way to start my career out of college.

Week 1 - MACH Start Strong

I don't think I have ever been as anxious as I was on my first day at work. Here I was, about to work for one of the most established technology companies in the industry -- one that has been around since before I was even born. I think this was also the first time that I used the word "surreal" to describe how I was feeling.

Day 1, along with much of the first week consisted of the typical administrative tasks practiced by most large companies. You could call it "getting into the system," a process by which you are given your employee identification, corporate laptop, and other new hire related materials.

Microsoft's Academy of College Hires, or MACH, is a unique two year onboarding experience for new college graduates. The company refers to the first week of training as the MACH Start Strong program in which you are given the opportunity to meet others in similar roles within the company.

The MACH Start Strong program provides new college hires with insight into Microsoft's divisions within the company along with information about each of its products. I was hired into the Services Division -- a group that provides enterprise solutions and support for its products. The position that I am undertaking is that of an associate consultant. During Start Strong, I acquired additional knowledge not only about my own role but how my job correlates with other positions in Services to support our customers. They coin this as "One Microsoft" -- regardless of what my job is, we each have the responsibility to work with others to provide our customers and partners a high level of satisfaction.

Week 2 - MACH Global Conference

My second week at Microsoft had to be one of the most exciting experiences thus far.  I had the opportunity to join almost 1000 other MACHs from around the world at the MACH Global Conference, or MGC. I was expecting to network with others at this multi-day event, but never did I expect to be this immersed in meeting new people.

One of the coolest aspects of working for Microsoft is the amount of diversity it has. While at MGC, I met university hires from over 50 different countries. The conference incorporated a variety of team-building activities and business simulations which gave me with the opportunity to work with individuals from the UK, Egypt, Turkey, and a plethora of other countries. I have to say that I think my list of internal Lync contacts quadrupled after the conference!

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