Who are tech’s highest paid CEOs?

Oracle’s Larry Ellison finally ousted from the top spot on our list of highest paid tech execs

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Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO

Ellison has been the highest paid tech chief on our list each year since Network World started tracking CEO compensation, but this year his $77.6 million pay package was bested by another tech CEO's enormous windfall (see the next slide for details). Not only that, Ellison was paid less than one of his own henchmen: Oracle President Mark Hurd, whose 2011 pay package is valued at $78.4 million. Nonetheless, Ellison collected a $1 salary, $13.3 million bonus, option awards valued at $62.7 million, and perks worth $1.5 million in 2011. His total pay package grew by 11% compared to fiscal 2010, when he received $70.1 million. During the same time period, the company grew revenue by 33% (from $26.8 billion in 2010 to $35.6 billion in 2011) and net income by 39% (from $6.1 billion in 2010 to $8.6 billion in 2011).

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