Great, so now Twitter’s evil too?

Twitter suspended journalist Guy Adams' account after he was critical of NBC’s Olympics coverage – destroying its good guy rep and creating a PR disaster. UPDATE: Twitter has backed down, reinstated Adams, and explains what went wrong (sort of).


In the universe of social media and privacy, Twitter has always been considered one of the good guys.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter hasn’t continually ratcheted back user privacy to fit an ever-expanding business model. Unlike Google, Twitter doesn’t try to Hoover up every bit of your life – including the radio waves emanating from your WiFi router – and use it to deliver ads.

Twitter is probably the most transparent digital company on the planet while at the same time being one of the biggest targets of repressive regimes. At the moment it is battling US government attorneys, trying to overturn court orders forcing it to hand user data over to law enforcement. Tweets belong to the people who tweeted them, not Twitter, says Twitter.

But the honeymoon is apparently over. Why? Because Twitter just booted a journalist for being critical of one of its business partners.

That’s not what Twitter is claiming, of course. UK journalist Guy Adams, who’s covering the Olympics for The Independent from his home in Los Angeles, found his Twitter account sent to the Gulag for violating the network’s rules about privacy.

Adams has been scathing in his criticism of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics – primarily its decision to delay its broadcast of events happening in London so it could reach a bigger prime time audience here in the US. Adams, like everyone else in LA, was seeing events six hours after they were over.

He wasn’t exactly happy about that. So he sent the following tweet:

The man responsible for NBC pretending the Olympics haven’t started yet is Gary Zenkel. Tell him what u think! Email:

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