10 questions for InnerWorkings CFO Joe Busky

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Name: Joe Busky

Age: 45

Time with company: 4 years

Education: Bachelor of Arts in accounting; MBA in business administration from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore

Company headquarters: Chicago

Revenue: $634 million for fiscal 2011

Countries of operation: 40

Number of employees total: 1,100

Number of employees the CFO oversees: About 50

CFO's areas of responsibility: Functional areas -- accounting, finance, HR, legal

About the company: InnerWorkings is a global marketing supply chain company with corporate clients across a wide range of industries, including retail, financial services, hospitality, nonprofits, health care, food and beverage, broadcasting and cable, education, transportation and utilities.

1. Where did you start in finance and what experiences led you to the job you have today?

My first job out of school was in public accounting at Price Waterhouse in 1989. I was in Baltimore, that's the city I'm from.

It was a great place to start. Back in the '80s it was the place to start if you wanted to be an executive in accounting and finance areas.

I really enjoyed the experience because I had a chance to work with executives such as the CEOs and CFOs at very large companies at a very young age. Perdue Farms, T. Rowe Price, Sun Microsystems -- these are the clients I had. Having the chance to work with executives at the quality of those companies had a huge effect on me. I knew at a very early age that's where I wanted to be -- those guys were great role models.

What I loved about the culture of public accounting then was that it created really sharp business executives. You had to perform. It was very competitive. That's changed, but back then you had to perform, you had to do well.

2. Who was an influential boss for you and what lessons did they teach you about management and leadership?

By far, it's a guy named John Duffey. He's currently the CFO at Six Flags. He was the CFO at Dade Behring, which is where I worked prior to coming to InnerWorkngs. I worked for John for eight years and I was being groomed to be his successor as CFO at the company. He was working me through all the various roles starting as assistant controller. He was the controller and I was the assistant then.

I worked through the roles of controller and treasurer, VP of financial planning and analysis, and then chief accounting officer. I was about 24 months away from being his successor and we got bought by Siemens. It was a great deal for the shareholders and for the company. That was in 2007.

It closed the door to being CFO and when that happened, I started looking for another gig and that's how I landed at InnerWorkings.

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