8 ways to stay relevant and advance your IT career

By Rich Hein, CIO |  IT Management, career advice

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Social Connections

Obviously, social networking comes into play when you are trying to stay current in the IT industry--it's a huge part of online life, not just for end-users. With practically every market segment, company and technology represented on social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Yahoo!, along with professional social sites like LinkedIn, social networking can be useful for staying connected to the IT industry and your peers.

Aside from the industry connections to be made, social sites are good sources of industry insider news and hints of technology to come. LinkedIn, for instance, has a professional user groups directory, a jobs area (for prospective employers and employees) and the capability to receive and showcase recommendations from peers in the industry.

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Job Boards Tell a Larger Picture

Job boards are not just tools for those looking for work--they also make excellent resources for finding out what skills, certifications, education and experience employers in your area of expertise are actively seeking. If there is an area you are lacking in, there is an opportunity for study, growth and development.

Stay Current

We live in interesting economic times--but by staying current in your field, you can ensure longevity in your current job, or build your skillset, knowledge and experience for the future.

How do you stay current? We'd love to hear your feedback or article suggestions.

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