12 common project management mistakes--and how to avoid them

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, CIO |  IT Management, project management

Project Management Mistake No. 11: Expecting Software to Solve All Your Project Management Issues. "I've seen people throw software at problems all too often, and though projects become enumerated and more visible, the underlying process is still broken," explains Tim Yocum, director of technology operations, ServerCentral. "What you end up with in that case is a potentially costly piece of software only serving as a checklist of projects in motion without any thought given to advancing each project/milestone effectively."

Solution: Choose project management software wisely -- something all members of the team will be comfortable using. Then make sure to train users properly and set up a system for tracking projects. Above all, don't let human capital be "overshadowed by the allure of software solutions'!" he warns.

Project Management Mistake No. 12: Not Having a Metric for Defining Success.

Solution: "The very first thing a project manager should do is ensure [he] understands what the end users will consider a [successful completion to the] project," says Kevin White, director of client relations at Netage Solutions. "Understanding what will make a project successful...ensures that when the project is completed [all] parties walk away satisfied."

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Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is a contributor to CIO.com and runs a marketing communications firm focused on helping organizations better interact with their customers, employees, and partners.

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