Tech CEOs’ first jobs: Licorice maker, housekeeper, scuba diver and more

Before their corporate jobs, many tech CEOs got their hands dirty, scrubbing oils stains off asphalt, cleaning bathrooms, and shoveling monkey cages. Here are their stories.

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When he was 12 years old, Josh McCarter worked at a Volkswagen dealership getting new and used cars ready to sell, which meant doing everything “from degreasing engines, to polishing rims and cleaning out cigarette trays.” As the only non-Hispanic in the detail shop, he started to learn Spanish so he could communicate with his coworkers, and it sparked an interest in studying the language. “I ultimately became fluent, lived in Central America, tutored athletes at UCLA in Spanish, and got my first job out of college opening up sales and distribution partnerships in Latin America,” McCarter says.

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