Tech CEOs’ first jobs: Licorice maker, housekeeper, scuba diver and more

Before their corporate jobs, many tech CEOs got their hands dirty, scrubbing oils stains off asphalt, cleaning bathrooms, and shoveling monkey cages. Here are their stories.

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When Jesse Rothstein was a teenager, he spent four years working at an Italian restaurant as a busboy -- but that’s not what he called it. “Even back then, I joked that I was a ‘table maintenance engineer’ not a busboy. I valued a good title,” Rothstein quips. His responsibilities included not only clearing tables but also vacuuming the restaurant, cleaning the bathrooms, and seating customers. “I had to choose who got seated in which section, and if the waiters or waitresses thought that you were favoring someone, they wouldn’t hesitate to tell you. That was my first experience with office politics.”

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