Big data, big problems -- and, maybe, a solution

The era of big data is here. But better search tools can make it more useful for organizations and less risky for the rest of us.


“I’m not pretending to be naïve and say that every person in government takes it just as seriously,” he says, “but one of the hottest issues among our government customers is the need to guarantee that information on individual US citizens does not fall into the wrong hands. There’s rigorous scrutiny to ensure that information isn’t analyzed inappropriately.”

And, he adds, the Feds aren’t generally interested in individuals so much as the connections between networks of people. “They need to understand the entire conspiracy, the complete story,” he says.

So if the spooks do mistake you for a wanted terrorist and toss you into Gitmo, at least you might end up there with people you know. Hopefully, though, smarter tools for manipulating big data will make this outcome less likely, not more.

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