Ten Apple moments in the year since Jobs' death

Apple has thrived but its path has not been smooth

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It's been a busy, bumpy year for Apple since Steve Jobs died last Oct 5. The company won a massive jury award against Samsung for patent infringement and in April it became arguably the most valuable company in history when its market capitalization passed US$600 billion for the first time. At the same time, Apple made a rare u-turn after a flap over the EPEAT environmental standard and the software on its newest iPhone left something to be desired.

There will be much pontificating Friday about how Apple performed in its first year without Jobs. To help you make up your mind, here are 10 of the biggest happenings in the world of Apple over the past 12 months.

Oct 10: iPhone 4S flies out the gate

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S hit 1 million on the first day, according to Apple, breaking the record set by the iPhone 4. More than four million units are sold over the first three days. Some customers complain the battery drains too fast, and Apple tackles the issue with a software update.

Dec 12: eBook price cartel?

Regulators in Europe accuse Apple and five book publishers of colluding to set prices for e-books. The U.S. files a similar complaint a few months later. Last month, Apple and four of the publishers offered to end the dispute in Europe by allowing Amazon.com and other retailers to resume discounts and promotions for at least two years. In the U.S., Apple is expected to go to court over the matter next year.

Jan. 26: Trouble at the mill

Apple comes under fire when The New York Times publishes a story describing poor working conditions at factories in China, where its products are made. The issue dogs Apple throughout the year, with a subsequent investigation calling out unsafe conditions and worker abuse. A labor group said recently that conditions are now improving.

March 7: New iPad spawns 'heatgate'

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