10 technologies shaping the future of IT

Which of today's newest shipping technologies will cast the longest shadow over business computing? Here are our best guesses

By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld |  IT Management, cloud computing, future tech

9. Client-side hypervisors

Desktop virtualization faltered for two reasons: It requires continuous connection between client and server, as well as a beefy server to run desktop VMs. Client hypervisors solve both problems. Install one on an ordinary machine and leverage the processing power of the client. Laptop users can take a "business VM" with them containing the OS, apps, and personal configuration settings. That VM is secure and separate from whatever else may be running on that machine -- including malware accidentally downloaded -- and you get all the virtualization management advantages, such as VM snapshots, portability, and easy recovery. Client hypervisors point to a future where we bring our own computers to work and download or sync our business VMs to start the day.

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