10 technologies shaping the future of IT

Which of today's newest shipping technologies will cast the longest shadow over business computing? Here are our best guesses

By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld |  IT Management, cloud computing, future tech

7. Trust on a chip

Assuring security at the highest application level requires verification at every layer, including the physical construction of the computing device. Enter trust on a chip.

The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) from the TCG (Trusted Computing Group) was the first popularly adopted hardware chip to assure trusted hardware and boot sequences. Last year, Intel combined the TPM chip and a hardware hypervisor layer to protect boot sequences, memory, and other components. Any software vendor can take advantage of it. Hardware trust solutions aren't perfectly secure, as the Princeton memory freeze and electron microscope attacks showed, but they beat software-only protection solutions. The hardware protection schemes will only get better. Soon enough, every computer device you can use will have a hardware/software protection solution running.

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