9 programming tools for maximizing HTML5

HTML5 is gaining steam. Here are nine development tools for tapping into the best the standard has to offer

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Sencha Architect 2

Aimed at building mobile and desktop applications, Sencha Architect 2 has been billed as an HTML5 visual app builder. Teams can design, develop, and deploy apps from a single, integrated environment. Developers can build Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4 JavaScript apps and preview them live.

Mobile support enables native packaging for deployment on iOS or Android devices, and designers can visually build an app from lists, buttons, forms, grids, and controls, and hand the resulting build off to a developer. Designers also can prototype interactions and app configuration, while developers can use visual tools and prebuilt UI controls to build app concepts, then use a built-in code editor to build out the app using Model View Controller.

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