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By Larry Klosterboer, ITworld |  IT Management, book, change management

"Change and release control aren't optional any more. You must have adequate control of IT changes in order to stay compliant with governmental and industry regulations," says Larry Klosterboer, author of Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management. Here he offers advice for making change and release management a source of cost savings for your business.

This is part of a regular series that highlights new books and their authors. Also in this series: J. Peter Bruzzese on Exchange Server 2007, Raffael Marty on security visualization, Joel Scambray on exposing the hacker's advantage, and Scott Hogg on IPv6 security. (You can find all the installments in this series here.)

Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management

"The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) represents thousands of years of real world experience," says Larry Klosterboer, author of Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management. "It isn't intended to be an academic exercise or a new management discipline. Instead the library represents the best thoughts of people who have been in the trenches and on the front lines of IT. While the library is sometimes criticized as being too generic, it offers sound guidance that with a little extra thought can turn into huge cost savings for almost any size organization."

Who should read this book? This book is for IT operations managers and anyone else who needs to gain control over the growing number and complexity of change in the IT environment.

What can readers expect to learn?
This book will teach you proven, practical ways to manage change through the ITIL disciplines of change and release management. Every chapter provides insight into industry best practices that have been tested in dozens, if not hundreds, of IT environments. Specific coverage includes how to establish a change control board, how to create and manage a "forward schedule of change", tips for setting up and managing a definitive media library, and reports which measure the effectiveness of change and release controls.

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