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Career path

Interview: Gopal Khanna, CIO for the state of Minnesota
If ever an enterprise IT executive embodied the spirit of service, then Gopal Khanna would be that person. Gopal's sense of community was borne from a childhood in Kanpul, India, where he grew up in a household with four generations of family living under the same roof.

Interview: Ken Kucera, Senior Vice President/CIO, First National Bank of Nebraska
Ken Kucera grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska, doing various farming related activities such as cow milking, harvesting and putting up hay -- but he quickly decided that farming was not a long-term career path for him, so he studied IT in college.

Interview: John J. Higginson, Vice President of Software Development, FTD
John Higginson started his IT career as an eleven year old, building his own systems at home. He has since practiced IT as a hardware and software support specialist and as a software developer and project manager, eventually finding himself in executive IT management at FTD.

Interview: Eric Ottaway, General Manager, Brooklyn Brewery
Eric Ottaway didn't start out as an IT'er but he quickly discovered that getting experience in IT and how it could help business not only would build his IT skills, but would ultimately pave the way to a General Manager's position at the Brooklyn Brewery. Ottaway credits his work in IT as a "door opener" to understanding key drivers behind business processes that enable him today as a General Manager to run a highly effective brewery operation.

Interview: Stephen Conley, IT Director, Boston Red Sox
Steve Conley credits his combination of technical and management skills as a marketable combination for an IT Director's job. What he didn't imagine when he first started his career was that he would be heading IT for major league baseball's World Champions!

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