• Vint Cerf: The Internet doesn't need the ITU's help

    Posted December 12, 2012 - 9:29 pm

    Work under way to draft new regulations at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai this week could harm the Internet, warned Internet pioneer and Google executive Vint Cerf.
  • IETF vs. ITU: Internet standards face-off

    Posted December 3, 2012 - 5:24 pm

    A battle is brewing between two standards bodies - the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - over which group will be the primary source of the underlying communications protocols that allow the Internet to operate in the future.
  • The U.N. wants to control the Internet

    Posted February 21, 2012 - 2:19 pm

    World governments in 1988 decided to let the Internet develop freely. Now they want to clamp down.
  • AT&T joins the 4G fraudsters

    Posted January 6, 2011 - 1:54 pm

    Wasn't it only a couple of months ago that AT&T was criticizing wireless carrier rival T-Mobile USA for bragging in ads about having "America's Largest 4G Network" when, in fact, T-Mobile's network was decidedly 3G?
  • Just what is 4G speed and how are U.S. carriers offering it?

    Posted November 1, 2010 - 12:34 pm

    All major U.S. carriers have announced 4G plans and some are already offering 4G service and devices. However, the ITU's recently issued definition of what constitutes 4G excludes all of them (as well as all "4G" technology available worldwide). Here's a rundown of what 4G means according to the ITU and carriers and what it will mean for consumers over the next few years.
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