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  • It’s a sad fact that generally, any movie you go see that features your own area of expertise will suffer, because it’s hard to see past the “poetic license” that is used. For example, when I was an undergrad I studied physical anthropology and archaeology, and went to see Congo which had an anthropologist as a character.

    1 year 3 weeks ago

  • I understand that Snapchat is supposed to be a way to exchange private photos that self-destruct after a short period of time. Key words = “supposed to be.” Can the images actually be saved without the sender’s permission?

    1 year 4 weeks ago

  • I vaguely recall doing this with an older version of Sharepoint and it was a pain. Hopefully it is easier now. Does anyone know the steps for changing a server name in Sharepoint 2013?

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • Can you convert an animated GIF into a video file (MPEG or AVI)?

    1 year 6 weeks ago

  • Apparently a bunch of Congressmen just sent Google a set of questions to be answered about how they protect people's privacy vis a vis Google Glass. Good to know they are addressing serious issues in Washington. What is it about Glass that has so many people freaked out?

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • Much better, at least when it comes to bandwitdth. According to Google, VP9 uses 50% less bandwidth for the same quality of video. So, yes, I'd say it is worth the effort. C/net had an article about it earlier this week:

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • What is the oldest Android release that you can actually still use and have a functional Android smartphone? I was looking for a cheap, no-contract phone, and I see some new phones for sale that are still running Android 2.2 and 2.3. 

    1 year 9 weeks ago

  • I don't think so - as far as I know you have to enable hardware virtualization underneath. Maybe there is some way to emulate it, but I really don't know how. Sorry not to be of further help. 

    1 year 10 weeks ago

  • There are probably more opportunities in InfoSec, and demand is rising for qualified people. DBA is solid too, though, and Business Objectives is a pretty hot. I think you are in good shape either way, and it comes down more to what you like to do.

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • Google added some features to Chrome specifically to encourage enterprise adoption.

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • Both HP and Asus are going to build the Leap Motion into their hardware. I generally dislike the touch pad on laptop, and almost always carry around a mouse when I am out and about with it.

    1 year 12 weeks ago

  • Hmmm, you certainly could install malware through Facebook, although as far as I know that isn't possible with the iPhone without actually choosing to install an application (or at least it isn't likely).  Since the problem seems related to your Yahoo mail, my first though is that your Yahoo account has been compromised.

    1 year 13 weeks ago

  • Bitcoin has been around for a while now, so the system has had time to develop into a viable "digital currency". Probably the easiest place to get a feel on how to get started is Bitcoin's own site. They have a nice how-it-works page that should give you a decent overview.

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • I would think that since telecommuting users were on Yahoo's remote access VPN, the company would be able to see everything just as if the employee was physically in the office and on Yahoo's network.

    1 year 16 weeks ago

  • I don't know that I had anything I really wanted to see changed, but from the press conference yesterday, Facebook looks A LOT like Google+ now. Which is good, because I prefer the Google+ UI. 

    1 year 17 weeks ago

  • How do you control what files are prefetched when Windows boots?

    1 year 19 weeks ago

  • Maybe, but I've seen very mixed results. Often they work poorly, if at all. It's really one of the few drawbacks of a VoIP system (or at least the limited number I've used). There may be ways to optimize fax over VoIP that I'm unaware of, but I would either maintain a single POTS line for fax, or go with an e-fax option. 

    1 year 20 weeks ago

  • Quit the program using the drop down menu. Hold down the alt key and it will give you the option to "Quit and Close all Windows." Chose that, and it should close the program and start it fresh the next time you open it.

    1 year 21 weeks ago

  • For someone who has never used Linux before, which distro is easiest to learn?

    1 year 21 weeks ago

  • I'm not sure what website tools/CMS you are using, but you should have the ability to add keywords and meta descriptions for SEO purposes. With WordPress, for example, if you scroll down below where you enter your text, and there are boxes for those two things. You can enter hemp bracelet, hemp bracelets, and whatever else you want.

    1 year 22 weeks ago

  • It is a way to track website visitors using Google Analytics. I suppose it doesn't actually have to be Google Analytics specifically, that's the way I've heard the term used.

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • When sending my resume to potential employers, what is the best format to use? Sometimes companies specify, which makes it easy, but if they don't is one format more likely to be welcomed than others? I have been using DOC format, but a friend of mine suggested that I should send my resume as a TXT file.

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • Well, one was a book by John Grisham.... It is more accurately a type of software that connects to a service provider in the client/server model. Outlook, for example, uses the services of Exchange Online, so Outlook is the client, and Exchange Online is the server.

    1 year 26 weeks ago

  • There isn't any way to do it natively in Outlook as far as I know, it is one at a time. There are third party tools that can do it like AddPST and whatnot, but I've never used any of them, so I don't know which are junk and which are golden. I would be very cautious about what software I gave access to Outlook though - very, very cautious.

    1 year 29 weeks ago

  • Looking at smartphones for Christmas, I noticed that a lot of HTC phones are Beats Audio branded, but it isn't really clear what that means. Does this actually make a difference on the sound output, or is it just a marketing thing?

    1 year 29 weeks ago

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