Jobs unveils 3G, $199 iPhone

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EBay's Ken Sun then demonstrated how eBay auctions can be integrated with the iPhone using a free application that will be released for the device. It allows an iPhone owner to use the phone to bid on items much as you would using a computer. That app, called Auctions, will be free when it is released.

Other apps demoed during Jobs's speech include one that allows photoblogging from the iPhone and an Associated Press application called Mobile News Network, which uses location-based services to connect to local AP news sites. It also allows iPhone owners to send breaking news information and pictures to the AP directly from the phone.

Another app, called Band, allows a person to record and create music on the iPhone; has developed an application that provides real-time video highlights of games in progress; and Modality Inc. founder S. Mark Williams demoed a way med students can use the iPhone as a study tool.

Although pre-show attention focused on the prospect of new hardware, Apple's focus -- not surprising given the venue -- was on how easy the SDK is to use and how quickly applications for the iPhone can be built. Some of those demonstrated Monday were put together in just a few days.

Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iPhone software at Apple, talked up Push Notification Services, which allow applications to receive alerts without actually running, saving battery life on the iPhone. That feature won't be available until September.

Jobs also stressed a variety of new functions, including parental controls, native support for the Microsoft Office suite, bulk delete and move in messaging and the ability to save
images from e-mail.

Turning his attention to the App Store, Jobs said developers will be able to distribute applications they create through the store, which will have an area enterprises can use to distribute their own applications to employees.

After that, Apple's Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, talked about a new feature called Mobile Me, which can be used to sync addresses, photos and other data wirelessly with the iPhone and integrates Apple's iDisk. Mobile Me replaces Apple's .Mac service and will cost the same, $99 a year. It will offer 20GB of storage space and is due to be rolled out next month.

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