Ken Grady

Ken Grady

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Ken has worked and lived in US and Europe over the course of a 15 year history with IT, working in high-tech and Health Care/Pharmaceutical industry, in both infrastructure and application development roles. Ken's history includes roles in program management, development, IT operations, Enterprise and Client services and executive leadership of organizations, building and optimizing IT functions in new regions, managing sourcing (external and captive) in low-cost countries, and developing Shared Service capabilities supporting a global organization.

Ken is an Enterprise Applications Leader with broad IT background in the development and implementation and operational integration of technology solutions biotechnology research and development environments. Emphasis is on service, innovation and execution of technical solutions supporting the business process, defining and measuring ROI and seeking out opportunities for IT’s organizational value-add.

Ken is an experienced cross-functional change agent for growth and strategic alignment of enterprise and business process solutions across multiple business units with globally based operations, setting direction for organization growth, sourcing and stability.

Ken is a member of the CIO Executive Council.


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