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  • When I rooted and flashed a new ROM on a Galaxy S2, everything went smoothly, but all of the “Google parts” aren’t on there. That means no Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, Voice, etc. How do you go about getting all of those GAPS back on after flashing a new ROM?

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • To a degree, sure I do. On the other hand, the company still offers a lot of useful and innovative things in return for the ad revenue we each generate for them, so I won’t be stopping cold turkey anytime soon.

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • Now that Microsoft is discontinuing TechNet subscriptions, which I think were by far the best way to keep up to date on MS technologies and developments, are there any good alternatives?

    1 year 9 weeks ago

  • I guess you could hit the mute button on your keyboard each time you shut down. That would do it....assuming you remember to do it. There is an application called Psst that you can use to do it automatically, which suggest that you are not the only princess with a pea under their mattress, but apparently it doesn’t work for all Macs.

    1 year 9 weeks ago

  • When you turn it on, immediately press Option+Command+P+R and hold it down until it resets and you hear it make the startup chime three times. I’ve rarely seen it resolve anything, but what the heck, it’s free and you might get lucky.

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • Just use Terminal and enter the following: defaults write com.apOple.finder QuitMenuItem NO

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • You will need to go to Adobe’s website and install the appropriate uninstaller. Follow the instructions, but you might have to type ~/Library to find some of the Flash files that you want to delete from your Library. 

    1 year 12 weeks ago

  • Log in using your admin account, then open File Explorer and go to the Desktop. Right click the drive you want to compress (displayed on left side of screen)>Properties>General>Compress This Drive to Save Disk Space>OK. Be prepared to wait, it can take Windows a long time to compress a drive.

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • We are considering switching to a VoIP telephone system, but I have some concerns about voice call quality. I was wondering if anyone who had made the switch could tell me if they or their callers notice the difference between VoIP calls and those over traditional PBX? Thanks.

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • One of the biggest annoyances about otherwise great smartphones is when the battery struggles to make it through a single day of normal use. I'm pretty interested in Google Glass, to the point of considering buying when they become available to the general public, but I'm worried that they will have short battery life.

    1 year 16 weeks ago

  • Proper etiquette is to not do it, or at least do it very rarely. I would say the example you used about posting to your news feed when you had something published is different, because you are really sharing something that you accomplished.

    1 year 16 weeks ago

  • I don't know how you would be able to do it without root access. You can't effectively use a file explorer to even find data, otherwise. I'm not an app developer, so I may be wrong. Good luck in your efforts, let us know if you succeed.

    1 year 18 weeks ago

  • Just an FYI, recent news indicates that the next XBox will function when it is not online, at least according to this article, which makes sense unless Microsoft really wants to annoy a large number of potential customers. 

    1 year 18 weeks ago

  • There is no solid rule as to what is the "right" bounce rate (the percentage of site visitors that are leaving, or "bouncing away" after viewing only one page), but I would think for a blog, a 60-70% bounce rate would be reasonable.

    1 year 19 weeks ago

  • If she first connects to a WiFi network, she should be able to then go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>SOFTWARE UPDATE and update the OS. Here is the complete "How to update your iPhone..." from Apple.

    1 year 20 weeks ago

  • Well, there is certainly a balancing act - legitimate law enforcement goals, such as prevention of terrorism or other violent crime, have to be weighed against the likewise legitimate and constitutionally secured right of citizens to privacy ("to be secure in their persons, papers, ....").

    1 year 21 weeks ago

  • I'm trying so hard not to make a "best case scenario" joke......oops!  

    1 year 22 weeks ago

  • What do you to prevent SQL injection attacks beyond simply not allowing raw SQL to be passed to your database?

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • To perhaps oversimplify, there is a bit of a compromise between convenience and security. I think most people go with Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), which is faster and easier to deploy than L2TP, and it may be better suited to your needs as well.

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • HP provides one option that works in mobile environments.

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • Check with your city/town, there might be a municipal recycling/disposal program. Where I live, they started charging to take CRT monitors/TVs, and as a result people were just tossing them in dumpsters, which is actually illegal in my state.

    1 year 25 weeks ago

  • After seeing your question, I checked keep out for myself. I also use Evernote, and from what I saw from a short look at Keep, there is nothing compelling me to switch. The Android App for Keep isn't compatible with my phone, and Evernote is, so that was a deal breaker right away.

    1 year 25 weeks ago

  • Boom! Here you go, although whether it is great or not is subjective, and with those glasses........

    1 year 25 weeks ago

  • For what? Computer science is going to be comparable in quality of education, resources, and reputation. Academically, both are excellent, although outside of tech/engineering, Berkley is generally going to be far superior.  

    1 year 27 weeks ago

  • Is that an observation or a question? A little more specificity about what you are asking would be helpful.

    1 year 28 weeks ago

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