Apple may nix creepily realistic Steve Jobs action figure

Replica due in Feb. is a foot high, articulated like a Barbie and comes with three sets of hands


The real Steve Jobs may be gone, but a Chinese manufacturer is doing its best to get Mac fanbois and Steve Jobs cultists an icon of their icon.

Toy maker In Icons is promising a 12-inch action figure of Steve Jobs – dressed in classic jeans-and-black-turtleneck – will hit the market in February.

The collectible (according to quotes from the company in a PCWorld story written before the site became unavailable due to heavy traffic this morning) is: "dedicated to the genius, great inventor, and visionary: Steve Jobs."

The doll has two pairs of glasses, three pairs of hands, one turtleneck, a pair of jeans, a black leather belt, black socks and running shoes – Jobs' basic uniform for onstage product introductions.

The doll is scheduled to hit the market in February for about $100, if Apple's legal staff doesn't stop it first.

Apple got retail store MIC Gadget to stop selling iPhone 4-sized Jobs sculptures, according to TheRegister.

The statue – a tiny Jobs body with cartoonishly large head (though it's not a bobblehead and many in the IT industry would argue the oversized head is metaphorically accurate, if not physically).

Apple is touchy about its logo and the images used in stories about its products, but it may not be able to stop every tribute or "tribute" to the late Mr. Jobs. U.S. copyright law is far more forgiving of reproduction of the images of people who pursued fame – which Jobs was – and for those who have passed away.

Income from royalties (mostly on the work, but also payments for use of the images of dead celebrities for photos or collectibles) continue to enrich the estates of Michael Jackson, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and countless others.

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