Apple vs. Psystar: CONSPIRACY!!!


Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! The Apple vs. Psystar lawsuit, which threatened to peter out in boredom as Apple's legal department crushed another underfunded opponent, just got more interesting. The invaluable Groklaw has put up an analysis of Apple's latest finding, and there's a delicious nugget wrapped up in all the mumbo-jumbo: Apple names ten John Does that it believes are backing Psystar.

As Groklaw points out, this makes a certain degree of sense; Psystar has thrown an awful lot of legal weight around to make its case, and that costs money. Considering that the company to this point has appeared to be nothing more than a fly-by-night electronics firm based in a warehouse, hacking generic x86 hardware to run OS X, it's kind of hard to explain where that cash is coming from. But if Psystar is a front for one of Apple's nefarious enemies ... well, that would put the dispute in a completely different light.

But then the question is: who would do such a thing? Dell or HP or another PC maker, because they dream of selling OS X machines? Microsoft, Apple's perennial rival, on general principles? The problem with the story is that once you start contemplating specifics, it just sounds a little too cinematic to be true. Do corporations really engage in this sort of bizarre behind-the-scenes skullduggery?

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