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  • Could you provide a little more information? Was the data corrupted? What software did you use already? 

    3 days 17 hours ago

  • On the Google Cardboard site it says it should be compatible with most Android phone with Android 4.1 or higher. I have an LG Volt, and Android 4.4 phone with a 4.7” screen, and it is a good physical fit. However, the motion function won’t work for some reason, which means that you can’t really do anything with Cardboard.

    3 days 18 hours ago

  • I was trying to get my LG Volt to read text aloud, so I turned on TalkBack. I realized that I had made a mistake pretty much right away and wanted to disable it, but when I went back into system settings, I couldn’t scroll down to get to Accessibility to turn it off. It just kept saying “System settings. System settings.

    2 weeks 6 days ago

  • I have an old IDE HDD from an old computer that I had in college. I’d like to pull the files off of it and save them to my current PC and the cloud. The problem is that my PC has a SATA connection, so I have no idea how to connect an IDE drive to it. Anyone know?

    3 weeks 12 hours ago

  • It’s a pain to do, but you can do it manually. Here is a link for a step by step guide at TechSupportAll to remove it from your machine, including Windows shortcuts and the registry. After you get that done, you need to remove it from the browser.   

    3 weeks 23 hours ago

  • I was printing out some documents for work over the weekend on my home printer, an HP Deskjet F4480. Unfortunately that text was noticeably blurry. I don’t use this printer very often, so I’m not sure how long this has been an issue, but I don’t remember seeing it happen before, and I think I would have noticed.

    4 weeks 1 day ago

  • How does “canvas fingerprinting” work to track website visitors?

    5 weeks 5 days ago

  • Some companies have started talking about using sapphire glass instead of Gorilla glass in mobile devices. Is there really a difference between the two, and if so is sapphire glass a superior material?

    7 weeks 11 hours ago

  • Data centers use a huge amount of energy, and that amount is increasing as more data centers are constructed and expanded. I’ve seen various estimates, but they consume at least 2% of all electricity used in the US. That’s a lot of energy, and a lot of money.

    7 weeks 4 days ago

  • I know that Microsoft is a big company with lots of capabilities, but how did they take down all of’s domains? From what I’ve read, that wasn’t Microsoft’s intention, and they were trying to combat Windows targeting malware, which is an admirable goal.

    8 weeks 4 days ago

  • Time flies, but it was only about 10 weeks ago that news of the Heartbleed security bug broke and created a few days of mostly justified panic. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while now. Has the problem been completely resolved, or is Heartbleed still cause for concern?

    9 weeks 2 days ago

  • You can use them to set your device up for location specific uses. For example, you might have one at work to change the setting on your phone to silent, so all those chirps and rings don’t disturb others.   

    9 weeks 2 days ago

  • I’ve read an article or two saying this puts cloud computing providers at risk, but I’m not sure that the decision actually does that. I haven’t read the entire decision, but Justice Breyer, who is generally considered the most tech savvy member of the Supreme Court goes out of his way to limit the holding to the facts in the Aereo case.

    9 weeks 4 days ago

  • We are all pretty familiar with the Google naming scheme for Android - alphabetical, with each new version named after some sweet thing. For example, H=Honeycomb, I=Ice Cream Sandwich, J=Jellybean, K=KitKat. So next we will have L. While I'm strongly supporting LolaBelle as the next name, that might be a stretch.

    9 weeks 6 days ago

  • I’m not sure about Outlook 2013 (I assume that’s what you meant instead of 2014), but in 2010 and 2007, it won’t check your spelling as you type unless you also have Word installed from the same suite. There are some workarounds if you are using different suites, Outlook 2013 and Office 2013 for example.

    10 weeks 4 min ago

  • I have used it, and it did work. I went from unrooted to rooted in about 1 minute, and that includes going to the site, sideloading the apk, and clicking the root button. Amazing.

    10 weeks 21 min ago

  • I was looking at a new mid-range Android phone, an LG Volt, which comes with Android 4.4 KitKat. Looking at the specs, it only has 1GB of RAM. Is that enough to run 4.4, or does it really need more memory than that to run smoothly?

    15 weeks 6 hours ago

  • Wordstar is an ancient word processor made originally for CP/M OS (Remember that one? Me neither.) and later for use with either early Windows (Windows 2.0) or DOS. It’s archaic, but like most old word processors before everything was point and click, it can be very fast to use once you have learned all of the commands.

    15 weeks 22 hours ago

  • Does anyone know were Azure data centers are located?

    16 weeks 11 hours ago

  • How can I prevent Windows 8 from automatically assigning “public” status to a WiFi connection that I trust and want to be treated as a “private” network, so that I can enable file sharing?

    16 weeks 5 days ago

  • More than once I’ve heard people say that if software is not open source, it isn’t really secure. Is there any truth to this, and if so, why?

    17 weeks 6 days ago

  • When the iPhone 5S came out, I remember reading about the fingerprint scanner being relatively easy to defeat. Does anyone know if the fingerprint scanner in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is comparable to using a PIN, or is it more of “casual” security feature that is there mainly because Apple made one first?

    18 weeks 6 days ago

  • According for Mozilla, one of the common causes for this is that the update page accidentally gets saved as the homepage, so that’s what you would see each time you open the browser.   

    19 weeks 2 days ago

  • It looks like it will be universal, but it isn’t mandatory.

    19 weeks 2 days ago

  • You can use Picasa if you already have it installed. It’s very rudimentary, but you can do what you need to do. It works better with some formats that others. A better option would be VLC Player, which is free and open source.

    20 weeks 3 days ago

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