LSB needs stronger leadership

By Nicholas Petreley, |  Development

I was honored to give a keynote address at Linux Business Expo at Networld+Interop this year in Atlanta (see Resources for a link). Unfortunately, due to an administrative mix-up, no one had posted signs for the keynote, so only a handful of people showed up. Red Hat's Bob Young had the same problem for his keynote, which took place the day before. Nevertheless, I tried to drill home my message to the few who attended.

My goal is simple. I'm out to drum up some support for Linux Standard Base, and I'm also out to give LSB a serious kick in the keister. (It is also my goal to chew some bubblegum, but I'm all out of bubblegum.)

My first message was to encourage others to support LSB. But by support I don't just mean to contribute to the project, although that is very important. I am also calling for the Linux community to shame LSB's mother organization, the Free Standards Group, into hiring a solid leader to get LSB moving, or to shame the existing leadership into getting off its collective bum and producing a comprehensive specification and a self-hosting sample implementation in our lifetime. And by comprehensive, I mean a spec that is encompassing enough to build sophisticated graphical applications. What I most certainly do not mean is the pathetic minimal standard slated for the LSB 1.0 specification. That way lies irrelevance.

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