The Seven Deadly Sins of Management |  IT Management, leadership

Are you poised for a successful career as a leader? What are your chances for survival in a leadership position? Read on to discover the characteristics that can bring you down!

Pride. Envy. Gluttony. Lust. Anger. Greed. Sloth. You either recognize these as the seven deadly sins or as themes for prime-time television. Nonetheless, you were probably taught as a child that these are bad and you shouldn’t do them. For purposes of this article, do as you were taught and think bad when you commit these similar sins in the workplace.

As leaders, we are continually being introduced to new techniques and theories. Hammer & Champy’s Business Process Re-engineering Model, McKinsey’s 7-S Framework, and Kenichi Ohmae’s 3C’s Strategic Triangle are all examples of strategic models designed to help leaders think about their business in different and innovative ways. What sits on top of all of the models and frameworks, though, are a series of foundational attributes that every leader should possess if he or she is going to have demonstrated, sustained success as a leader.

Lonnie Pacelli, in the article The Seven Deadly Sins of Management, names seven key sins to avoid if you want to become a more effective leader:
Sin #1 - Arrogance
Sin #2 - Indecisiveness
Sin #3 - Disorganization
Sin #4 - Stubbornness
Sin #5 - Negativism
Sin #6 - Cowardice
Sin #7 - Untrustworthiness

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