• Cloud computing market is starting to look a lot like one big data center

    Posted September 16, 2011 - 6:15 pm

    So many different computing functions have moved into the cloud that the cloud has begun to look like the computing industry, or a single data center, itself. The difference is all those pieces are spread out and owned by different people. At what point will it make more sense to start consolidating "the cloud" into something that looks much more like outsourcing?
  • Information industry mergers, acquisitions up 36% in 2010

    Posted January 13, 2011 - 12:48 pm

    A new report on merger and acquisition activity in the information industry shows a 36 percent increase in both transaction volume and value in 2010.
  • Come out on top in an M&A integration

    Posted November 29, 2010 - 1:45 pm

    Three CIOs share their best advice for flourishing in the M&A aftermath
  • M&A activity still going strong

    Posted December 4, 2008 - 12:40 pm

    The current recession is unlike any other in recent history, and as we writers (who are always looking for a high-impact statement) like to tell everyone, "it's the biggest crisis since the depression." It's a little difficult to pinpoint how channel vendors are reacting exactly to the recession, mainly because they are all reacting differently.

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