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  • The top 5 things I suggest are: 1. Use a VPN. 2. Turn off sharing on your laptop. 3. Use HTTPS Everywhere, a free browser extension from EFF. 4. Enable the firewall on your laptop. 

    1 day 20 hours ago

  • The options for protecting against DDoS attacks basically comes down to a hardware based or cloud based solution. Hardware is the traditional way and if utilized properly it is effective, but it can also be very expensive. Do the cloud based options perform as well and offer the same level of protection?

    5 days 5 hours ago

  • Besides invoices, what documentation should be retained to prove ownership of software licenses in the event of a software audit? We have an internal audit scheduled, and I would like to be sure that I have all of my ducks in a row.

    4 weeks 1 day ago

  • I’m not sure I completely follow you. Do you mean after updates have installed, it is getting “stuck?” If you could clarify just a bit, it might be easier to try to come up with an answer. 

    7 weeks 1 day ago

  •  I think one of the most common errors is spending a lot of time and effort trying to come up with future projections that are really based on unknown variables, then treating the results as facts when it is really little more than a guess.

    7 weeks 1 day ago

  • When a program “locks up” and after a while a Windows pop-up appears to tell you that it is not responding, what is actually happening? Is it just a matter of a time check, and if the process has not responded in a defined amount of time the OS delivers the notification?

    7 weeks 5 days ago

  • We are looking at switch to a VoIP system, but I’m concerned about problems after making the switch from a conventional PSTN. How much of an issue are SPIT attacks on VoIP networks and what can be done to mitigate the risk?

    8 weeks 5 days ago

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