Microsoft crafts shrewd apps plan for Windows Phone 7 launch

Early adopters will find a full-fledged ecosystem in place

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Third, though business and enterprise-specific applications are currently few, Windows Phone 7 handsets have an almost instant usability in the enterprise. The phone's Office Hub (demonstrated in this 80-second YouTube video) is the location for: Microsoft Office, with mobile versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint; a revamped and expanded OneNote, which is an application for creating and synchronizing notes, written and recorded, and incorporating pictures; Office documents you've saved to the phone; and a native client for sharing, editing and synchronizing documents stored on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Finally, there's the Internet: the Windows Phone 7 browser is a major improvement over all previous mobile versions. It combines code base from Internet Explorer 7, with some additional code and features from IE 8. Apple's mobile Safari browser was a key element for the original iPhone's instant popularity: it was immediately useful as a full-fledged HTML browser for accessing the Internet, despite the fact it didn't support Adobe Flash-based video

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