Mobile devices have not supplanted laptops, yet

Survey showing 90% access Web via mobile is skewed, but not completely wrong


So you don't have to come back from Thanksgiving with a mobile strategy and short list of providers in hand, ready to launch the pilot projects to shift the whole company over to iPhones or Androids or Win7 phones.

It does mean you'd better accelerate whatever plans were shaping up in the back of your head, or the CIO's, or the CFO's. Because those 18-27-year-olds are not just the next big wave of recruits, they're the next big wave of computing and your infrastructure is going to have to be flexible and dynamic enough to satisfy expectations you may not even understand yet.

Their expectations are as different from yours as yours were from the mainframe guys or early client/server and LAN managers when you first started. The expectation gap is as wide as when you realized the old(er)-timers were surprised that users thought email that goes outside the company was more important than the kind that stays inside, or that access to the Internet isn't just an excuse to waste time (not just an excuse to waste time).

I hate to tout vendors as good case studies because they're more willing to spend on technology than most non-IT companies and the environment of a place dominated by computer engineers is much different that one ruled by accountants.

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