7 Great iPhone 4 Cases: Protect Your Smartphone...Before It's Too Late!

CIO.com's Al Sacco turned to the Twitterverse in search of the best lightweight and unobtrusive, yet protective iPhone 4 cases. Here are seven Apple-smartphone cases that fit the bill.

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iPhone 4 users listen up: That shiny new iPhone in your pocket is sleek, beautiful and technologically advanced—but it's also more delicate than any other Apple smartphone. In fact, iPhone 4 displays crack 82 percent more often than iPhone 3GS screens, according to iPhone warranty provider, SquareTrade.

iPhone 4 owner, I am not. But I asked my thousand or so gadget-geek Twitter followers for their favorite, lightweight yet effective iPhone 4 cases, and the following seven options came out atop the list.

Image credit: Convery.me.uk

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