15 must-have accessories for your new iPad 2

By Megan Roman and Steven Borden-Weill, ITworld |  IT Management, iPad 2

Updated December 1, 2011

So you just dropped a bunch of cash on a shiny new iPad 2. All you want to do now is spend a little quality time getting to know your new device. But no, you've got more shopping to do. You need to accessorize!

Here are 15 ipad accessories, some practical, some, shall we say, whimsical, to get you back in the shopping mood.

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Smart Cover

Look no further than Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover, for a sleek and multi-functional option for screen protection. Connected to your iPad 2 magnetically, the Smart Cover’s flexible and smart design makes this the ideal accessory for making the most of your iPad as well as maintaining the slim appearance that we all know and love from Apple products. Available in 10 different colors and either in Polyurethane ($39) or Leather ($69), you can choose the one most in line with both your personality and budget.

iPad 2 Smart Cover

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