Apple Bans the Word 'Android' From App Store

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By now, we're all familiar with Apple's culture of control. Particularly when it comes to the App Store, the crew from Cupertino is famous for its frequent rejections and vague explanations. The process can make the satirical comparisons of Apple and a communist regime seem pretty reasonable at times.

This, my friends, is one of those instances. Apple has apparently just forbidden a developer from using the word "Android" in his app's description. The message: Drop the A-word, or drop your application.

My response: Seriously, Apple?

Apple and App Store Bans

Apple's heavy-handed use of the rejection stamp has hit everything from podcasting programs to breast-oriented offerings. If there's one company that knows the feeling of being banned, it's Google.

Apple banned Google's Google Voice app from its App Store last year, a move so strange-looking that even the FCC questioned it. Apple, according to documents made public as part of that investigation, said the app "duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone."

Apple also waved away Google's Latitude app, reportedly claiming it was too similar to the iPhone's built-in Maps application and could offer features not found in the native program.

This new godlike stance, however, gets even more petty. Tim Novikof, the developer of the Flash of Genius app, says he tried to submit his program to the App Store with a mention of its success in Google's Android Developer Challenge. The Developer Challenge is an annual contest that seeks to honor the most innovative and useful new mobile apps.

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