Smackdown: Amazon Appstore vs. Android Market

Is the Amazon Appstore worth a download? Check it out.

By Jared Newman, PC World |  Mobile & Wireless, Amazon Appstore, Android apps

After months of chatter, Amazon's Appstore for Android is live and ready for download. But are two app stores better than one? Let's do a quick comparison with the Android Market to see if the Amazon Appstore is worth an install.


Amazon's a veteran of online retail, and it shows. The Appstore is much more pleasurable to navigate than the Android Market, immediately presenting you with a long list of popular free and paid apps. A sliding bar near the middle of the screen lets you quickly select categories. The "recommended for you" option isn't available yet, but once it is, it could rival the Genius feature found in Apple's iOS App Store. Also, it's nice to get away from the Android Market's pea green color scheme.

Advantage: Amazon Appstore.


Installing apps through Amazon's store is fairly painless, but it's not quite the "set it and forget it" experience that the Android Market provides. Instead of jumping back to the home screen and getting a notification when an app is ready, Amazon sends you to an installation screen that feels a little clumsier than the native Market.

Advantage: Android Market

Return Policy

Apps downloaded through the Android Market may be returned free of charge within 15 minutes of purchase. This remains one of the Android Market's greatest perks. The Amazon Appstore has a "test drive" feature for trying apps from your computer's Web browser, but that doesn't help you if you want to learn how it works on your phone.

Advantage: Android Market

App Quantity

Because Amazon's selection is curated, it's obviously going to be much smaller than the Android Market, whose app count is in the hundreds of thousands. Barring the occasional exclusive, such as Angry Birds Rio, the Android Market's selection is superior.

Advantage: Android Market

App Quality

What Amazon loses in quantity, it gains in quality, and this is obvious when you run a search for popular apps like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Clones, spam apps and irrelevant results abound in the Android Market, but Amazon's store returns exactly what you're looking for--and nothing more.

Advantage: Amazon Appstore


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