Nine iPad 2 folio-style cases

By Jason Snell, Macworld |  Mobile & Wireless

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2, he indicated he didn't really like Apple's original iPad case. Not that it wasn't good, he said, but it covered up the beautiful hardware beneath. So Apple re-invented the case and created the iPad Smart Cover.

But what if you have an iPad 2 but loved the original Apple iPad Case ? In that case, look no further than Hard Candy Cases' $45 Convertible iPad 2 Case ( Macworld rated 3 out of 5 mice ). Available in black, red, or white this faux-leather case is functionally identical to the original Apple iPad Case. Slide in your iPad and and tuck the the frame's flap under, and you're ready to go. All ports, buttons and cameras are accessible, and there's even a little pocket on the inside-front cover to stick business cards in—a nice addition Apple's case didn't have. As with the original Apple case, you can flip the cover around to prop the iPad upright for video viewing or use it at a lower angle for typing.

Unfortunately, this case is also like the original iPad case in that it lacks any sort of magnets in the cover, so it won't automatically wake and sleep your iPad. But if you're looking to replicate the iPad 1 era, maybe that won't bother you so much.

Targus Versavu Cover & Stand for iPad 2

If there's an award to be given for the most features tossed into a slim iPad 2 case, Targus's $60 Versavu Cover & Stand for iPad 2 ( Macworld rated 3 out of 5 mice ) would get it. This leather-clad folio features a professional-looking black-leather front with soft microfiber on the inside, along with a rigid-plastic shell in back to protect your iPad 2 without adding much bulk. The shell leaves all ports, buttons, and cameras accessible, and there's even an elastic band to hold the cover closed.

What's unique here is that the entire rear shell is mounted on a rotating ring that allows you use the case to prop the iPad up in either portrait or landscape orientation. (The ring is positioned exactly over the Apple logo on the back of the iPad 2, so the logo shows through.)

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